Saturday, June 11, 2016

Book Review - API of the Gods

API of the Gods
by Matthew P. Schmidt

This is a short story or novella written by Matthew Schmidt an up and coming author of science fiction. The story starts with our protagonist Michael Arnold in the middle of some very unusual programming and production. I know very darn little about either facets of computer production but I have to think Michael has found himself in a unique situation.

Michael takes us back briefly to his interview and it was rather non-standard with a rather strict NDA.  From there it progresses to his current position as head of golem production and programming and having to join in battle using them.

The story is quick moving, has a fair amount of programming jargon that definitely does not get in the way and several mysteries that Michael needs to solve.

It was a quick read and it never flagged nor ceased to hold my interest. I wanted to know just as badly as Michael did what was going to happen before the end.

The larger themes of religion, the nature of reality, and man's place in the universe are explored throughout the story. The question of what the mysterious Ichor is and where it comes from kept me wondering the whole way through.

It's a short story with great personal growth for our protagonist and left an opening for a second part if Schmidt wants to continue with the story. It is very reasonable on amazon.

The Giant gives it two giant thumbs up. 

API of the Gods
Matthew Schmidt's web page


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